Suspension training is an excellent tool for building strength and stability. It can be used by a very wide variety of people and the equipment can be used almost anywhere. While commercial systems like TRX and Monkii Bars are well made and well worth the price they may not be in everyone’s budget. Here are instructions on how to make two different versions of a suspension trainer – one super low budget $15 version and a more luxurious $40 version.

The Cheap Version

5-Minute Suspension Exercise Device at Instructables

This one uses stuff you can find at your local hardware store and should come in under $15. It uses three lashing straps (sometimes called tiedowns) to create the trainer and if you can’t find a good deal locally Amazon has a 4-pack for under $10.

The fancy version, makers of a very nice portable suspension system, published really thorough instructions for a nice looking DIY kit. It requires more materials, and some sewing skills for the neoprene case, but still clocks in a lot cheaper than buying a commercial system.

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