Ready to return to the gym but feeling a little intimidated by the thought? Our 6 week “back to basics” series is designed to familiarize you with gym equipment and routines so that you can make the most of your time in an open gym.

This course is appropriate for folks of all ability levels. We will be focusing on technique and how to progress or regress exercises. It’s not as high intensity as some of our other classes but you will still break a sweat and get stronger! We will also cover basic program design so you can walk into any gym with a plan and confidence.

Specific topics covered will vary with class participants but include bodyweight exercises, dumbbell and barbell exercises, cardio workout planning, high intensity interval training, TRX suspension training, and resistance band training.

If you have an injury or disability and are concerned about whether this class is right for you please get in touch and we can go over what to expect in more detail.

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