The road to wellness is paved with good dietary intentions. We ate too much for whatever reason – holidays, stress, just the joy of it being Tuesday – and we vow to “clean up” our diet. This takes different forms for different people, whether it’s an attempt to cut out all soda that cratered at the first office party, or the Whole 30 that ended up being a Whole 3.

Poor technique, muscle imbalances, and a limited range of joint motion are all factors which can make you more susceptible to injury when exercising. These three routines are great for strengthening and stretching your muscles to keep you injury free through all your training.

Suspension training is an excellent tool for building strength and stability. It can be used by a very wide variety of people and the equipment can be used almost anywhere. While commercial systems like TRX and Monkii Bars are well made and well worth the price they may not be in everyone’s budget. Here are…

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